Switches & Routers

What's the difference?

Switch vs. Router

While switches and routers perform very similar tasks, they are individually unique and crucial to successful and efficient business network. Switches create networks and tie devices together, while routers connect networks together.


Switches connect individual devices (computers, telephones, cameras, etc.) and create a network. Switches act as a control unit and can allow devices to share files and information, or deny specific devices from accessing any information at all. This can save you money and increase productivity, by allowing employees to send and share information with just a click of a button.

Managed Switch

Managed switches allow control over incoming & outgoing network traffic, while also monitoring and recording network traffic.

Unmanaged Switch

Unmanaged switches do not allow any management changes, do not allow control over your network traffic, and do not monitor or record network traffic in any way.

Business solutions utilize managed switches, allowing control & monitoring over your network traffic.

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Routers connect existing networks together (i.e. your LAN to the Internet).

Routers act like dispatchers and route network traffic in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Routers can be defined to prioritize network traffic to specific devices over others.

Routers can also monitor and analyze incoming & outgoing traffic to the Internet, and may include features such as:

Built-in Firewall

Virtual Private Networking

IP Telephony Integration

Business Performance


Switches & routers can improve accessibility to business files and information by allowing direct, secure transfers of information from device to device and increase productivity in the workplace overall. 


Switches & routers allow business administration to review all traffic on their network. This means you can allow or block connections on specific devices and lockdown outside websites over the entire network.

Customer Service

Having a reliable network means less downtime for you, and enhanced customer relations. Sensitive consumer files and information can be transferred securely throughout your network.


Switches & routers create networking solutions that not only save you space and are easy to access, but also reduce risk to your network as a whole. Less equipment, less threats, and less stress means more for your business!

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