Imagine controlling all the entertainment, security, and comfort systems in your home all on one device.
With Home Automation … you can!


Home Automation integrates your standard home features and entertainment into one, easy-to-use system. Control your televisions, music, home security, thermostat, lighting, and more with an all-in-one controller, or directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Our Home Automation system is compatible with thousands of top-quality products, allowing versatile solutions catered to your needs.

Our Home Automation system integrates with these popular brands:

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…and more!

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Greet your guests using the audio/video intercom system and lock or unlock your doors straight from any of your controllers, even if you’re not home!

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Set the mood with versatile lighting options and entertain with music throughout your house, all from one device!

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Control and stream any media to any of your connected televisions and speakers. Show the game on your inside and outside televisions with ease, then switch over to movie night with the touch of your fingers!

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Our Home Automation system offers compatibility with multiple different types of controllers, ensuring a solution for you, no matter your location or setup.

Tabletop Touchscreen Controller

These sleek tabletop controllers offer a 7″ full color touchscreen that connect directly to your control unit. With their wireless capabilities, they can be used anywhere in your home, and charge using an intuitive, inductive charging base. Control your entertainment from any room in your house and stream your security and doorbell cameras directly to the touchscreen controller.

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Handheld Remotes

These handheld remote controls are fully programmable WiFi handheld remotes with a high resolution 2″ display. They can provide whole-house control, or be set to specific rooms in the house. They can last up to 4 days off one charge of their rechargable lithium ion batteries, and are recharged using a sleek, tabletop charging cradle. Security and doorbell cameras can be streamed directly to the vivid 2″ display. 


In-Wall Touchscreens

The In-Wall Touchscreens can be mounted anywhere in your home to offer control over all the Home Automation features. The proximity sensor in the unit wakes the touchscreen when you approach and dims it once you walk away. Their built-in microphone and speakers allow full usage of audio/video intercoms and your security and doorbell cameras can be streamed directly to the high resolution 5″ or 7″ displays. 


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Amazon Alexa, Alexa install Panama City
Voice Control

The Home Automation systems integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for full voice control over all the Home Automation features.


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Mobile Control

Control your Home Automation system at home or while away with your smartphone, using the fully integrated app!



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