We're Redefining Managed IT Services

A strong network is the backbone for a rapidly growing business. With the increasing complexities of a network, it can become challenging to monitor and manage them. At Neves Media, we’re redefining managed IT services. Our IT professionals can be a one stop shop for all your businesses managed IT services needs.

The IT professionals at Neves Media can help you decide on the correct hardware and software for your business. Once hardware and software is selected, our team can assist in installation and service.

Where there is technology, there are threats. We can make sure your network and firewalls are secure and plan backups for added protection. If problems arise, we can leave you feeling confident that our IT team will be there when you need us.

What We Handle

  • Network design & integration
  • Servers, switches, routers & software
  • Security, including protection against potential threat, viruses, malware, and other risks
  • Overall technology strategy, planning, & implementation
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Computer Networks

Neves Media was founded on the principal that technology should make your business run more smoothly, more competitively, and significantly less stressfully. If you’re spending more time with your computer tech or Googling an answer than working, you need our help.


What is a server?

A server, in the traditional usage of the term, typically defines a powerful computing machine that stands as the central hub of any network. The server is responsible for all of the pushing and pulling of data across a network and onto or off of the internet. Technically speaking, the “server” is strictly the software that coordinates all of this movement of data; however, due to the fact that such a large and powerful machine is required to run this software, the term “server” usually extends to the entirety of the compound. Today’s servers can be on premises, in the cloud, or across the wide area network.

Benefits of a Server

Remote Access

By adding an independent server to your business you can expect to see improved productivity, and a decrease in wait times. Having a local server in your place of business is both more effective and more efficient. An independent server allows your network machines to speak directly with one another, and for you this means faster download and upload times.

Servers are meant to run uninterrupted, even if a hardware failure occurs. Usually if a power supply dies, then the server would shut down immediately. While we use a secondary power supply it offers a reliable back up so if the original power supply goes out, it doesn’t effect normal system operations.

Having your own server makes security easy, having individual users and group users accounts you can assign data viewing to be private for a user or public for the server this keeps only authorized users seeing the files they should be seeing. You can manage files on one system rather than go to each workstation and edit them. Also if a workstation is unresponsive, the employee can go to a different workstation and sign in and continue working.

By adding an independent server to your business it allows for our staff to remotely access your computer/desktop without going on site. This is more efficient than going on site to run diagnostics.

Do I Need A Server?

You might be asking yourself, “Do I really need a server for my business?” And the answer is: it depends. A server is not necessary for every business, but when it is, it is often crucial. Any business that works with a large amount of files, sensitive files, or content that you would like to be able to access from anywhere, is a candidate for having a local independent server in their business.

Getting You Connected

Neves Media has built relationships with service providers across the country & can set up your business internet, television, and phone systems worry-free!

Business Internet & Phone Providers

Level 3
Time Warner Cable
West IP

Data Center Providers

DC 74 Charlotte
Fiber Media
Green Cloud
Hosted Solutions (Windstream)
Peak 10
Rapid Scale

Conference Providers

Premier Global

Last Mile/Fiber


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