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Neves Media brings the concert closer to everyone.  With Large format video walls, and High Definition camera solutions even the cheap seats get a good view of any concert or presentation.  Our Live Event Video team has provided services to everyone from Donald Trump, to Jake Owen, .38 Special, Charlie Daniels, Southwest Airlines, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival and many many more.

IMAG, or Image MAGnification, is the process of magnifying a person’s “image” and casting it from one location to another as to provide a better viewing experience for others. Uses of IMAG range from corporate events, to faith-based productions, to music festivals. Regardless of your specific event, if you need to provide a means for a large number of people to see/hear a speaker, Neves Media IMAG is your solution. We utilize cutting-edge Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K video equipment to ensure that the clearest picture possible is provided for your event.

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