Firewalls & VPNs


What is a firewall?

A firewall is hardware that monitors all incoming & outgoing traffic on a network, in order to protect against threats or to limit or block accessible information (such as blocking access to Facebook or limiting access to sensitive client files).

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Stateful Inspection
Unified Threat Management (UTM)
Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW)
Threat Focused NGFW

Stateful Inspection Firewalls monitor all network activity and allows or blocks network traffic based on state, port, & protocol. This is accomplished using a set of defined rules & the context of the questionable connection. These firewalls are sometimes referred to as “traditional” firewalls.

Unified Threat Management Firewalls include all the features of “traditional” firewalls, as well as incorporating antivirus software and intrusion protocols. These extra services can protect against viruses in your network or a local, unauthorized intrusion to your network. UTM Firewalls are simple, easy to use, and may also include other services, such as cloud protection. 

Next-Gen Firewalls include all the services of UTM and “traditional” firewalls, as well as being able to protect against advanced malware and application layer attacks. NGFWs use integrated intrusion provisions, meaning intrusions are blocked automatically, in real time. They also utilize application awareness and can monitor any connected applications or subsystems. NGFWs are also built to be upgradable as newer technology is developed.

Threat Focused NGFWs uses some of the same features as regular NGFWs, but is tailored to specifically stop threats. They utilize full context awareness of all connections (Who, What, When, Where, Why?) and automatically respond to those connections, either by allowing, blocking, or blacklisting the connection. Threat Focused NGFWs can also detect suspicious activity and learns over time, blocking connections that may not have seemed malicious to begin with

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What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure network that allows connection to a private network, remotely.

Business Performance


Firewalls & VPNs offer additional security to your network. Firewalls monitor all traffic on the network & block threats from accessing your network. VPNs allow secure, remote access to your network, so there’s no chance of client files floating around.


Firewalls & VPNs make your network & business practices more efficient! Less network downtime in the event of an attack, prevention of any possible data breaches, and allowing remote connections without compromising the security of your network.


Firewalls & VPNs not only monitor the traffic on your network, but can also block those connections as well. This can prevent employees from accessing outside websites while on the network or prevent them from accessing sensitive files they are not cleared to have. You can even enable and disable user access, remotely!

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